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Since nearly ten years the city sightseeing tours with the yellow double-decker busses in Nuremberg and Fürth play an important role for the tourism in those two cities in Franconia.

In Nuremberg we are the only city tour offering a Hop on/Hop off tour that you can enjoy throughout the whole day. For this we installed six bus stops, where you can leave for a break and visit some sights and after that enter the bus again. You can benefit from our extensive knowledge, our advantages and our performance as a city sightseeing tour in Nuremberg and Fürth.

The management

Reiner Rickert | Owner of the company


Works at the team since: November 2011

Tasks in the company: Keeping the show on the road, bus driver, mechanics, electrician

I discovered the city tour company through: Acquisition of the first double-decker bus MAN SD 202 (3638)

Favourite occupation: Repairing the busses, eating Greatest strength: To see “the big picture”

Greatest weakness: I can’t afford that

Other: I worked at a city tour company in Hamburg a few years ago.

Motto: Health is better than wealth.

Jessica Rickert | Bus driver, “creative head”


Works at the team since: November 2011

Tasks in the company: second owner of the company, bus driver, homepage, marketing, advertisement

I discovered the city tour company through: Love

Favourite occupation: Collecting old/antique stuff

Greatest strength: Creativity

Greatest weakness: Keep calm, talking too much

Other: Education as a digital media designer

Motto: First, I want to have it.

Nathalie Dehner | City guide, social media


Works at the team since: April 2017

Tasks in the company: General assistant, social media, city guide (german live moderation), audio guides

I discovered the city tour company through: The homepage and a very nice phone call with Jessica

Favourite occupation: Reading, cooking, baking, spending time with my friends

Greatest strength: Talking none-stop

Greatest weakness: Can’t say “No”

Other: I’m studying history

Motto: Better do something right than do it in a rush.


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