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City-tour Nuremberg

Get in and enjoy the highlights of the city/Nuremberg. With our double decker busses, this discovery-tour will turn into an adventure. Take a look at the city from above. Because besides traditional ginger bread, fried sausages and handmade toys, Nuremberg has so much more to offer. Our modern HopOn-HopOff concept enables you to leave the bus at any stop and visit your favourite places. If you prefer to enjoy the charme of the city from your seat, you are free to do so - in this case, the tour takes about two hours. Through headphones in several languages, like english, spanish, russian and french, you will learn a lot about the popular attractions and the 1000 year history of Frankonia's metropole.

With us, your stay in Nuremberg will become an unforgettable experience!
Discover the most beautiful sides of Nuremberg with our HopOn-HopOff bus tour!

Take a
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During summer and in December our city sightseeing tour starts every hour, in November, February and March every two hours opposite the central station/ Bahnhofstraße 1-5. You can get off the bus at the stops: Palace of justice, Johannis graveyard, castle, main market/old city and documentation centre/ Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

Replacement bus stops during events
• Instead of “Main market/old city” we start from the “Sebalder Platz”
• Due to construction work we don’t stop in front of the documentation centre, but at the “Schultheißallee” (located diagonally opposite the street; it is the same bus stop as for the regular city busses (“Dokuzentrum Nord”))

Traveling time:
The time we only drive is 1,5 hours, but due to the bus stops and a short break at the bus stops “Central station” and “Main market/old city” for 10-15 minutes, the actual traveling time is 2 hours.

Please not our seasonal timetables!


Day ticket

  Cash at the bus Credit card at the bus Online ticket
Adults: € 17.50 € 17.50 € 16.50
Children (up to 15 years): € 9.00 € 9.00 € 8.50
Family (2 Adults, 2 Children): -- -- --
Reduced price only for pupils and students: -- -- --

Here you can download our flyer as PDF files.